Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minky/Silky Baby Blankets 1

Minky and Satin Baby Blankets

Pink floral: cut both fabrics 50x35. Sew right sides together with 1/4" allowance, leaving a ~5" opening to turn. Use ample pins. Clip corners, trim allowances. Turn and top stitch.

Red Seuss: cut washable satin 40x35, minky 35x30. Center minky over satin, wrong sides together. Fold up remaining satin (~2.25") and turn under 1/4" hem to form "binding." Miter corners. Pin liberally to avoid slippage and top stitch, remembering to sew corner folds as well.

Remember to prewash fabrics and test thread tension on a scrap prior to sewing.

Minky Seuss and floral fabric from are 60" bolt and make 2 blankets per yard. Washable satin is "monece" satin from Hancock, 54" wide.

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