Thursday, March 19, 2015


My Mama Leah has always kept dishcloths in the car to use as lap napkins ("lapkins"). While I was working in outside sales, I spent all day (including most lunches) in my little Honda Civic. In order to keep my suits clean, I made some modifications to the lapkin and created the Neck-Kin. (I never said I was good at Marketing...). I just made a few more this winter, so I thought I'd share the technique:

The Neck-Kin is just a dishcloth turned longways with a casing sewn on one end to hold a ribbon tie. Once you have made your casing and inserted your ribbon, you can tie the Neck-Kin around your neck to protect your clothes while eating in the car. It is sort of a family joke now, but I have 5 in my van and they do get used!

I recommend a lighter-weight dishcloth so it doesn't bunch too much when gathered at the neck.

Fold over one end to make a casing.  Make sure it is wide enough for your ribbon.

Stitch along edge to form casing

Use a safety pin to insert ribbon into casing

Use a safety pin to insert ribbon into casing.


And... Enjoy!

Works great! ;)


catherine said...

Haha! Love the burger bib!

Bookerson said...

Ha Ha! Did you eat the whole pizza? I am totally pinning this, so you can get the recognition you deserve. :)

manda said...

Erin - Yes, eventually ;) One does not throw out Mellow Mushroom pizza!! It was a tough week of R&D (burgers, pizza...) but I make these sacrifices for my dear readers - all 3 of you ;)